Life Credits

Liberty Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary will take into consideration different jobs you have performed in church or ministerial work that you have been involved in and make an assessment of each case individually. Many pastors are NOW deserving of a Doctorate in Divinity and should have it. Your "Life Credits" will be applied to the Degree program you enroll in and any Degree issued using "Life Credits" is identical to the degree we issue to our students who graduate from our school. We are out to be a blessing to those in the field of ministry and desire to help educate as many people as we can.  

Please NOTE that “Life Credits” may only be applied once throughout your education with Liberty Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. Therefore we strongly urge you to take into consideration just when you would like to apply for “Life Credits”. 

To apply for a Life Credits here are the requirements:

You must already be enrolled in one of our Degree Programs for us to make an assessment of your "Life Credits".  

You must have verifiable time in ministry to receive the degree you have applied for.

You must meet all other requirements for enrollment as well as pay all associated fees.

For more information on the low cost of these Life earned degrees, E-mail us today.

NOTE:  Everything that we teach is and only will be using The Authorized King James Bible commonly know as the 1611 KJV

We at Liberty Baptist College and Theological Seminary take great pride in offering you the best Bible education available. Let a counselor at Liberty help design a personalized degree program that will allow you to study at home and still receive an accredited, quality education. This could be the greatest decision of your life.

There may be times when we will have to move different courses around in order to fit the degree or ministry that you are studying for.

For example a preacher would take the Pastoral Theology course because he will soon one day become a pastor of a church. Where as a church member would not take that course, they would take a different course. We at Liberty Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary take great pride in the ability to design a course personally for you.

Thank you for considering Liberty Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary for your future.

Dr. Russell L Kidman, Ph.D.