Founder/President Emeritus

Dr. Tim McCoy Ph.D.

‚ÄčDr. McCoy is currently in Evangelism preaching the Word of God in Churches all around the country.  He has a desire to see folks young and old know Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  He also founded this College so that men and women anywhere can have an opportunity to learn the Word of God without leaving the Church where God has planted them and desires to use them.  

Brother McCoy  has been a Pastor for over Thirty-five years in both small and large works before entering into Evangelism in 2012. It has often been said of Brother McCoy that he is a Man of God who truly knows how to follow the leadership the Holy Ghost, which is why he has become a powerful Preacher of God's Holy Word!

He also sings Southern Gospel Music that both lifts up the name of the LORD and encourages the Faithful to Worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.